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As Brand Growth Partners to food + beverage, pet + animal, and health + wellness brands, we’ve worked with a lot of perishable products: milk, cookies, and sandwiches, to name a few, along with the colors and ingredients that go into them. However, refrigerator marketing was one thing we hadn’t tapped into.


How We Entered the Refrigeration Industry

Over the last few months, we’ve worked alongside True, a world-class leader in refrigeration for more than 65 years. For decades they’ve been keeping kitchens cold in restaurants, groceries, and hotels. In 2008, True refined its commercial refrigeration for the home, introducing the True Professional Series to the market.
Since then, True has displayed its gorgeous undercounter refrigerators at trade shows and through select dealers across the country, but they weren’t getting the visibility online that their brand deserved. To fix this, we partnered with them to create a website that shows off True Residential refrigerators to the world.


From concept to copy to design to flipping the “on” switch, we worked at every step to tell the True story.

  • We helped develop the brand’s tone and visual identity to communicate the premium, handcrafted quality of their refrigerators.
  • We created content that will prove valuable to each of True’s audiences: consumers, dealers, architects, and designers.
  • We organized thousands of pieces of information, including 3D files for specifier access.
  • We ensured that the website will make Google happy and get True the visibility it deserves.

Delving Into the Science of Refrigeration

In the process of creating all this great content, we studied the art of cold. We learned temperature fluctuation, produce preservation, kitchen zones, wine storage, and keg towers. (Admittedly, we sorta knew about kegs before, but mostly the benefits, not the features.)

We thoroughly enjoyed this project. But as much as we enjoyed learning all things refrigeration, we’re most satisfied by the prospect of True. They are a quality company with a legitimately amazing product, getting the attention it deserves.

That’s what we do for our partners and their products and services. If your brand needs attention, call or email us today so we can start the conversation.

Jeremy Higgins
Jeremy Huggins is a MarketPlace alum. He oversaw our creative and writing teams, led naming projects, and ensured that all of our brand development work is thorough, thoughtful, and meaningful.