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ST. LOUIS — April 3, 2024 — Leading food marketing agency, MarketPlace Branding, has reignited Ronzoni’s legacy as America’s pasta brand with an evolution of the 108-year-old brand’s strategy, positioning, packaging, and online presence.

When St. Louis-based 8th Avenue Food and Provisions acquired Ronzoni in 2021, it partnered with MarketPlace to address the immediate needs of the brand. Ultimately, this led to a revised brand strategy and packaging refresh that both champions the brand’s varieties and shapes, and serves the shopping experience of today’s pasta consumer.

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“From grocery shelf to digital shelf, the consumer shopping experience has dramatically changed,” said Jake Klinghammer, Strategy Director at MarketPlace. “And the pasta category as a whole is changing, with an ever-growing list of retail channels, brands, and products. As a brand, Ronzoni needed to more clearly communicate the value it brings with a wide variety of pastas for a variety of consumer needs, whether it’s that quick-and-easy weeknight meal or a special holiday recipe.”

Informed by in-depth research and extensive social listening, MarketPlace crafted a robust brand strategy that distinguished each of Ronzoni’s 35 shapes and varieties. Activated across omnichannel touchpoints, brand development included packaging redesign, a new brand website, and expansive digital promotion.

“Ronzoni’s evolved identity honors the nostalgia associated with the brand while meeting the needs of the modern retail experience,” said Shelby White, MarketPlace Creative Director. “Those who grew up with the brand will recognize familiar elements like the arched logo and classic yellow durum wheat stalks. Bringing in a brightened color palette and hyper-realistic pasta shapes infuses a sense of possibility and makes the brand far more shoppable on any shelf.”

The rebrand resonated with consumers, with consumer testing indicating a 90% purchase intent. In parallel, Ronzoni’s digital channels experienced a notable boost in consumer engagement. Retailers have given positive feedback, as well, acknowledging the effective balance between on-shelf distinction and brand recognition.

“The partnership between MarketPlace and 8th Avenue has been critical to the successful evolution of the Ronzoni Brand,” Courtney Reinhardt, Ronzoni Brand Manager, said. “It’s rare to find an agency partner that prioritizes strategy as much as the brand itself. Together, we realized our shared goal of honoring the brand’s legacy, serving the Ronzoni consumer, and enhancing the brand’s value for retailers.”

With the strategic rebranding rolling out online, in stores, and across promotional channels, Ronzoni is now positioned to nourish another century of scrumptious pasta nights.

For a deeper dive into Ronzoni’s brand evolution, read the full case study.

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About Ronzoni®

Ronzoni is the No. 1 regional pasta brand nationwide. Founded in Queens, New York, in 1915 by Emanuele Ronzoni, Ronzoni Pasta has been fueling life and all its dynamics for over 100 years. Ronzoni offers an array of pasta shapes and varieties to fulfill consumers’ diverse and unique needs. Owned by 8th Avenue Food & Provisions, Ronzoni Pasta is sold through chain and independent retail outlets primarily in the Northeast, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic with select distribution nationwide.For more information, visit or connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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8th Avenue Food & Provisions is a leading, private brand-centric, consumer products holding company located in the United States and Canada. It manufactures private brand and branded food products, including nut butter, dried fruit and nut, granola, and pasta, primarily sold to retail, foodservice, and food ingredient customers. 8th Avenue Food & Provisions was formed in October 2018 through a combination of Post Holdings’ private brands businesses and is owned by Post Holdings and other third parties. For more information, visit

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