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Landshire is a manufacturer and marketer of packaged sandwiches and snacks distributed throughout the United States. Landshire had a business-to-business website and needed a consumer-driven website that also promoted their companies’ growing capabilities. Moreover, Landshire was receiving pressure from Walmart to boost sales or face the loss of shelf space.

We worked with Landshire to first develop consumer-driven and customer-driven branding statements and positioning based on research and our market insight. With that in-hand, we updated packaging based on that information. The clean and fresh design aligned with the research, and the new tagline we developed, “Unbelievably Fresh. Totally Convenient,” communicated the value proposition for each Landshire sandwich and snack. Based on our branding and packaging updates and our design work (see below the sales board we developed to help Landshire make its case to Walmart), Landshire not only retained their shelf space; Walmart actually ordered more Landshire SKUs.

In working with Landshire, we learned about their philosophies and how each sandwich is made. Landshire offers benefits that people weren’t aware of. For instance, they bake their own bread fresh daily, they use only fresh cuts of high quality meats, cheeses and ingredients, and they capture the quality and great taste of each sandwich through a unique packaging process that seals in freshness.

MarketPlace proposed sharing this process with the consumer. Now known as “The Fresh Process,” this information is outlined on the website, and per consumer test results, over 87% of people say knowing this makes a difference in their attitude about purchasing frozen sandwiches.

To further engage consumers, we developed the “Landshire & You” section of their website to educate people on the benefits of Landshire products, including the promotion of use occasions, storage tips, and an interactive piece to submit a story of how the convenience of Landshire products saved the day.

To learn more about our work with Landshire or how we can help with your positioning, packaging, or sales efforts, please get in touch today!

Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.