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I’ve had the pleasure of working with the food ingredient media for over 20 years, 11 years of which has been on behalf of MarketPlace.

The media regularly tells me a version of “we love working with you because you really understand media.” At MarketPlace, our job is to provide value to our partners through our media expertise, but that understanding is only part of it; the main reason they say things like that is that we’re in constant communication with them, discussing performance metrics for Customer XYZ’s media plan or passing on exciting news, the “I have an amazing, game-changing ingredient to share with you” variety.

Why does this matter? Because when I ask clients/potential clients for their pain points, media management consistently shows up as a top-three response.
MarketPlace can help.

Because of our relationships and expertise, we frequently receive preferred rates, and we earn zero commission for food ingredient media, resulting in significant savings and marketing dollars available for a more comprehensive media plan or for other marketing services.

Most importantly, we’re strategic; we work alongside you to think through your goals and objectives and provide options for things like brand awareness, product launch, or product education. We’ll let you know, for instance, how a web banner , despite garnering only a .1% click-through rate, can be a good option for brand awareness. We’ll let you know what target audiences and advertising messages are best for print. We know how the food ingredient industry consumes media and will share with you which occasions are best for promoting trade shows or for communicating new product information. We’ll give you PR ideas and leverage press releases for maximum exposure.

MarketPlace also partners with the media to ensure that what we do works with what they do to give you the best results in meeting your goals. We don’t work above the media; we work with the media. That difference is crucial, and you’ll see the results in meeting your goals.

The media seeks partnerships and is hungry for food information and marketing content. MarketPlace is the ideal partner, as we provide industry information and valuable content, and we can partner with you to get you where you want to be with the media and the industry that it’s designed to engage.

Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.