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Of all the exciting things that happen at MarketPlace on a regular basis, one of my favorites is when we kick off new partnerships. One of our most recent partners is IDF (International Dehydrated Foods), a global leader in the design and production of poultry, meat, and broth ingredients. We recently began work with IDF on developing their brand story, which is amazing and has so much potential to say and do big things in the industry.

Another new partnership is with Purac, a global leader in natural food preservation and bio-based chemicals. Purac’s technologies deliver premiere food safety and shelf-life extension as well as additional solutions that include flavor optimization, fortification, sodium reduction, acidification, and more. We’re incredibly excited to play a part in developing and telling the stories of both IDF and Purac, so stay tuned.

As a food marketing agency, the unique value we offer partners resides in the depth and focus of our knowledge and experience, from ingredients marketing to ingredient industry trends. And we value partners who bring us alongside to help unite their business strategy with their marketing goals to create a brand story that resonates with their markets. That’s what we love to do, and if your company could use that kind of focused expertise, we hope you’ll call us today.

Jeremy Higgins
Jeremy Huggins is a MarketPlace alum. He oversaw our creative and writing teams, led naming projects, and ensured that all of our brand development work is thorough, thoughtful, and meaningful.