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How we partnered with global agribusiness Bunge to cultivate a decade of growth and expansion, from M&A strategy to extensive trade show strategies and executions.

If you’re in the food industry, you know Bunge North America. If not, you’ve likely at least enjoyed a food, beverage, or supplement that included Bunge’s sustainable, plant-based specialty oils or milled grains. In consumer packaged goods and in foodservice establishments worldwide, Bunge ingredients add value to the food supply.

In our early work together, MarketPlace partnered with Bunge’s oils division to help tell its value-added ingredient story to CPG and foodservice product developers, chefs, and operators. We dug into Bunge’s broad portfolio of edible oils, conducted analyses and ideations, and developed a product architecture that reflected the value-added capabilities Bunge had spent years developing.

Through our work with Bunge North America’s oils division, we identified an opportunity to cross-promote its milled ingredients and foster integrated partnerships—and collaborative product development opportunities—in growth categories like bars, snacks, and smoothies.

Informed by our industry expertise, we activated our B2B brand strategy with stellar creative. A strategy requires action, after all, if it’s to achieve meaningful results. And the results were, indeed, meaningful.
Bunge KPI metrics and outcomes

A global agribusiness known for its edible oils and milled ingredients, impressive supply chain, and proactive sustainability measures, Bunge is not just big, it’s a big deal. Its actions affect what major food and beverage brands are capable of, and it takes that responsibility seriously. We captured this essence in a tagline that became the cornerstone of several campaigns: Grow with confidence. Grow with Bunge.

Empowering Food Makers to Use In-Demand Ingredients at Scale

One of our most exciting collaborations centered on announcing Bunge’s development of the first large-scale Non-GMO Project Verified corn ingredient supply chain. Bunge was the first major player to offer several Non-GMO Project Verified and USDA-certified organic ingredients—corn, ancient grains, expeller-pressed oils—at a scale that empowered food makers of all types and sizes to use these in-demand ingredients in major global brands.

We built a campaign that told Bunge’s sourcing story commitment to a sustainable and traceable supply, as well as its ability to offer these non-GMO and organic ingredients at an unprecedented scale. Paired with Bunge’s product development support, the campaign highlighted the value its customers experienced: with Bunge as their partner, they could grow with confidence.

Throughout our partnership, we’ve developed strategies and activated innumerable product launches together, from fry life-extending high oleic soybean oil to its decadent and indulgent plant-based shortening line Vream.

Five Star B2B Branding

Our B2B brand strategy work is always rooted in our deep understanding of the end-consumer. So, when we had the opportunity to redesign Bunge’s foodservice product packaging, we applied our own consumer product packaging development experience and standards. Together, we set a new standard for foodservice packaging, proving that function-forward format and design could also bring beauty to chefs’ pantries via the jibs, jugs, and boxes that would line their shelves.

Bunge Golden Award Packaging
Bunge North America farmer
Bunge Pour N Fry Packaging
Golden Award is great for wing sauce with a rich, buttery flavor.
– Chef Zach Hovan
Vream Packaging
Bunge Whole Harvest Packaging
Fried Fish Tacos
Bunge Golden Award Packaging

Creating a Show-Stopping Presence with Innovative Strategies

Alongside working on major positioning initiatives, we developed and executed trade show strategies, from IFT and IBIE to Natural Products Expo and SupplySide West. With new innovation or acquisition often calling for new trade show participation, Bunge North America knew they could rely on MarketPlace to create a show-stopping presence with record-setting speed.

In one of the most accelerated trade show timelines we’ve experienced, our team saw the opportunity within the challenge. With traditional booth options out of reach, we executed a strategy that included muralists painting the backdrop of Bunge’s Natural Products Expo booth live during the show. Paired with head-turning apparel that team members wore as they walked the show floor, Bunge made an impression several-thousand-times over.

Making an Impression At Trade Shows

Empowered by a partnership built on mutual trust, we’ve been able to move swiftly to help Bunge connect with the right people in the right places—whether a new trade show addition, a new opportunity to pitch to a major account, or creating engagement with formulators and foodservice operators.

In 2020, that skill went into play as we helped Bunge help its foodservice customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With uplifting ads and videos that provided inspiration for applying Bunge’s versatile ingredients, we helped Bunge lend ideas to chefs for quickly creating appealing to-go and QSR menu items using the versatility of the Bunge ingredients they already had in their kitchens.

Foodservice Videos

Chef Zach Hovan EZ Crisp
Chef Zach Hovan Cowboy Sauce
Chef Zach Hovan Wing Sauce

Woven throughout our many-years-long partnership are countless hours of collaboration and consultation, ad campaigns and earned media coverage, video footage captured and produced, trade shows experienced together, and more.

From product launches to product demos, presentations to podcasts, we’re always cooking on something exciting with Bunge North America. We’re grateful to work with a team of incredible people there, and we love continuing our legacy of B2B food industry service through great partnerships like this one.

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