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AMF Bakery Systems + IBIE

The Situation

AMF Bakery Systems is the global bakery equipment company behind millions of buns, pizzas, pastries, and other baked goods. After several acquisitions, AMF sought clarity for its customers and itself. In addition to a legacy of best-in-class baking equipment, AMF was leading sustainability measures in industrial baking. At IBIE, the largest bakery convention in the world, AMF had an opportunity to share its vision on the industry’s biggest stage.

What We Did

MarketPlace developed a trade show strategy and booth design that illuminated AMF’s position across 15,900+ square feet of exhibitor space. The “Lights Out Bakery” concept for the show told a bold story: sustainability is the future of the baking industry, and AMF is the company equipped to make it a reality. Beyond the trade show floor, MarketPlace activated the Lights Out Bakery campaign through trade advertising, geofenced digital ads, show giveaways, landing pages, and more.

AMF Bakery Systems owned IBIE with an undeniable presence. The AMF Lights Out Bakery reinforced their position as champions of baking technology, with the capability and drive to better the future.

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Lead Count, Exceeding Show Expectations

Bunge Protein Ingredients + Natural Products Expo West

ExpoWest 2023 Promo Reel
ExpoWest 2022 Promo Reel
The Situation

Bunge, an established leader in edibles oils and milled grains, grew into the plant protein space. Pairing its portfolio of plant proteins and isolates with unbeatable application expertise, Bunge was prepared to help plant-based food brands unlock the next level of plant-based possibilities. Natural Products Expo West was the natural place to unveil Bunge’s next level innovation.

What We Did

Craveable plant-based lobster rolls. A savory and scrumptious (and vegan) gyro. Smooth and creamy vegan mango sorbet. Bunge’s plant-based application capabilities were unmatched. So, MarketPlace developed a trade show strategy that placed Bunge’s ingredients and applications at the center. Featuring photography of Bunge’s chef-crafted, plant-based noshes, the booth, digital promotion, and sales tools piqued interest and engaged prospects.

With food photography that crowds were eager to feast their eyes on, Bunge’s trade show booth drew next-level booth traffic.

Virginia Dare + IFT FIRST

The Situation

How can you live in the past and in the future? When you’ve been perfecting your craft for a century — your expertise endures. Virginia Dare, a global leader in premium extracts and innovative flavor technology, has built its legacy by combining deep technical knowledge with an eye for emerging trends. As others in the category have set their sights on broadening portfolios outside of flavor, Virginia Dare has honed its focus. This focus on flavor runs deep — it’s 100 years in the making. At IFT FIRST, the largest B2B food innovation expo, Virginia Dare had the opportunity to celebrate its monumental centennial as the flavor experts.

What We Did

Standing out in a sea of exhibitors spanning 840,000+ square feet is a tall order. With a coveted, central location and an eye-catching look and feel to match, MarketPlace developed a trade show strategy and booth design that was authentically Virginia Dare. The booth remained true to the brand: it focused on experience. It focused on flavor. Informed by our “Then. Now. Flavors are Forever.” creative campaign, the booth reinforced Virginia Dare’s centennial of expertise in flavor innovation and beckoned show attendees with samples of blueberry granola iced oat milk lattes, spiced peach cobbler black tea refreshers, and seven other custom flavor experiences. Beyond the trade show floor, MarketPlace kept the centennial celebration going through paid media, social media, and more.

In celebration of its centennial, Virginia Dare grew both its footprint and partnerships. Like flavor, the event created more than a moment, it created a memory to last a lifetime.

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