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They search the unexplored depths of nature with AI to find solutions for human health. We’re the biotech marketing agency that helped them tell their story.
The Situation

In the nutraceutical industry, you’ll find an unending stream of innovation. Waves aren’t made easily. Yet, that’s exactly what Brightseed sought to do. As a steward of the natural world, the company uses its proprietary AI platform Forager® to find bioactive compounds in plants that could support human health. Brightseed then uses these discoveries to commercialize functional ingredients for foods and beverages. While only 1% of bioactives have been mapped by science, Brightseed has pledged to keep discovering their health benefits. As a biotech marketing agency with nutraceutical ingredient expertise, we ventured wholeheartedly into the realm of AI-powered exploration. 

What We Did

Brightseed came to MarketPlace with a one-of-a-kind nutraceutical ingredient: Bio Gut Fiber. As the only upcycled hemp fiber with bioactives for gut health, Bio Gut Fiber needed its own story to be told. We tapped our strategy and creative teams to develop a common language and visual identity that spoke to consumers and industry insiders alike. Through white papers, infographics, social assets, educational videos, press releases, and more, MarketPlace powered awareness and advocacy for bioactives and Bio Gut Fiber. Connecting with key industry writers and editors, we executed ingredient marketing and developed original content to build awareness, capture leads, and communicate the technical benefits of Bio Gut Fiber.

Within just seven months of the yearlong PR campaign, earned media surrounding Brightseed’s achievements exceeded its annual goal for industry pickups.
As Brightseed published preclinical data in a peer-reviewed journal, announced partnerships with two food industry giants, secured speaking opportunities at six industry events, and formed a coalition to champion the adoption of bioactives in food and health systems, we amplified these achievements through PR, trade shows, and marketing activation.
Surpassed annual KPI for proactively secured trade coverage in 7 months
industry articles
success in speaking engagements secured at key trade shows

Our Work with Brightseed

B2B Ingredient Strategy
“Strategy, first and always.” It’s more than our mantra—it guides all we do. For B2B ingredient brands, strategy entails positioning the ingredient or food technology for the right applications, audiences, and value.
B2B Nutraceutical Industry PR
Where do food scientists and VMS product developers get their news? In all of the same places that our clients show up. With longstanding relationships with B2B food, beverage, and supplement media platforms, we support brands with PR and promo
Original Content Development
We shape brands with messaging and visual systems. Beyond visual appeal, original content informs the right audiences in a way they actually find useful. From social media content to video production, MarketPlace marries strategy with tactical creative decisions for a polished and informative finished product.
Consumer Awareness Campaign
Where our strategy and creative teams come to play. Once we uncover insights and spot opportunities, we bring our ideas to life in the creative process. The end result? A campaign that exceeds metrics and feels like magic.
Thought Leadership
Building brand trust and credibility can sometimes be half the battle. But with our two decades of experience, you can lean on us to make the right connections on your behalf. With our in-house research team, white paper and infographic development is our bread and butter.
Imagining the Future
We inspire technical audiences with innovation possibilities. With 3D renderings of imagined finished products, we illuminate what could be—applications, claims, and formats—in sales tools, trade shows, and capabilities presentations

Services Executed

Strategy Services
Research and Market Intelligence
Competitive Analysis
Business Consulting
Messaging Strategy
Visual Identity Systems
Creative Services
Trade Show Booth Design
Creative Campaigns
Video Production
Content Marketing
Activation Services
Earned Media
Lead Nurturing
Trade Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing
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