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Nutrition Bar Packaging

We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of Hůga. Several months ago, we partnered with (the now-named) Hůga Foods to develop their brand. After an initial conversation about family recipes and gluten-free nutrition, we got to work on the following:

• Market assessment
• Brand positioning strategy
• Brand narrative
• Brand name
• Product naming
• Logo
• Wrapper packaging design and print management
• Box packaging design and print management
• Retailer sell sheet
• Social property set-up
• Website creation and implementation


Almost all of us powered through a lot of that brand and snack packaging work thanks to the protein and fiber in Hůga Bars, and while the bars left us physically satiated, what makes us emotionally (and intellectually) satisfied is having developed a brand worth sharing. We hope that you’ll visit Hůga online and, after you figure out how to pronounce the name, get some bars for yourself and some friends.

If you have a brand development, naming, logo, or packaging project, we’d love to talk. To see more of our work in this area, please have a look at some case studies!

Crystal Buckey is part of the fabric of MarketPlace, her drive and intuition and dedication not only elevating our partners’ brands but also, and more importantly, inspiring our team members to reach beyond, believe more deeply, and create with joy.