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Developing a new website can be daunting, all-consuming, and intimidating. There are so many details to consider, and with the rate at which technology moves, keeping up can be taxing…and that’s not even considering the maintenance of the content! Because we go through the process regularly with our partners, we’re used to juggling all these details and dealing with the stressors, but it’s good to be reminded of what it’s like on the other side.

This website just launched (mid-August), but it’s the result of a very, very long journey toward a vision. It represents the first time in a long time that we’ve been able to give our own site the same level of care and attention that we offer our clients.

We’ve been thoughtful about the function, design, and user experience, but the thing we’re most proud of is the focus on content. Sure, we’re excited to have a fully responsive site that displays beautifully on various mobile formats, and yes, we certainly appreciate that the site architecture is much more intuitive for our customers, the blog is more scannable, the animations throughout the site are smooth and sophisticated, and social media is well integrated. We think you’ll find the site pleasant site to peruse, but to us, it’s the content—the large, full-frame images, the words on the page, the thoughts we express—that allow us to realize our vision.

Though MarketPlace was founded to serve the food industry (and we’ve kept that as our focus), our vision is to become a complete resource for food companies, to position ourselves as leaders within the industry. We want to make our collective knowledge accessible for all to consume, and we hope that you’ll find value in the perspective and experience that MarketPlace offers.

Without using the words, I’ve been talking, really, about content marketing, which is critical in an industry that demands immediately accessible, valuable information. Having the technology to tell your distinct story and demonstrate your unique value is now fundamental. And it’s as true for us is it is for our clients. We’re excited that our new website provides a better platform for publishing this content, and we intend to continue sharing our passion, as we hope you will share it with your colleagues, vendors, and partners, whether through social media channels or by discussion around the water cooler (or your equivalent). Please visit again to follow the evolution. And don’t hesitate to contact us with feedback. This site is designed to be a resource for you, and if there are ways we can improve your experience, we’re listening.

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MarketPlace is a strategic partner to health and wellness, pet and animal, and food and beverage brands. Through business strategy, industry focus, and marketing expertise, we help our partners grow.