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Baldwin Richardson Foods is a manufacturer of ingredients and products for the industrial and foodservice markets.  Additionally…they produce and market (3) distinct consumer brands.  Challenging?  Yes.  In approaching the development of this new website, our two largest tasks were to 1) develop a brand face for Baldwin Richardson as an identity did not exist and 2) devise and implement a marketing communications strategy to manage and develop the user experience depending upon market and information sought….and to develop content accordingly. We began with a few brochures and product lists.

We started by first developing brand elements including the overall and business unit branding statements that resulted in the tagline, “Our Passion, Your Brand.”  Baldwin Richardson Foods services large global brands and they wanted that expertise to reinforce their capability.

MarketPlace proposed having an overall corporate structure that would reside at This corporate website substantiates the size and capabilities of the company, providing the user with high-level company information like sustainability and consumer health and wellness philosophies. The home page also visually gives users the option to enter sub-sites depending upon their area/market of interest. is the domain for the industrial ingredient market; is the domain for the foodservice market; BR-Brands is the domain for consumer brands.

BR-Brands introduces users to Baldwin Richardson’s capabilities in consumer goods….a very important selling-point to consumer goods companies.  Part of MarketPlace’s recommendations on the brand story was to educate the Baldwin Richardson Foods’ customer on their expertise in manufacturing and marketing of successful consumer brands and how that expertise is applied to their ingredients and foodservice products.

We also added areas which showcase Baldwin Richardson Foods capabilities in developing creative or healthy ingredients like ‘Ingredient Spotlights’ or insights/innovation sections.

Finally, as we built the website, the new brand image did not align with Baldwin Richardson Foods’ existing photography.  MarketPlace worked to devise an entire new library of food and beverage imagery and people-product shots through a custom photo shoot.


Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.