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Who are the best food marketing agencies?

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Chances are, you’re reading this because you searched for “best food marketing agencies” or something similar. That would make perfect sense; though your need for a partner is specific, even unique, it’s much easier to start a search on a broad scale and narrow down as you go. Many of us learned to approach internet searches that way, and that habit shapes even the way our search engines of choice suggest search terms.

We’ve served as a marketing partner to food and beverage companies private and public, established and startup, consumer and B2B. We’d love to ask questions and listen to help determine whether we’re the best food marketing agency for you, so please reach out to us as soon as you can. In the meantime, here are a few essential criteria that we’ve committed to as a “best food (and beverage) marketing agency (consultancy/firm/partner/etc).”

They know your consumer

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We know as well as you how much the industry has changed and continues to change. Ingredients and flavors like brown rice syrup and tahini that were once obscure in the West have become mainstream. Label claims and production practices barely a decade old have now become indispensable. We understand how rapidly the food industry has changed because, first, we’ve lived those changes as an industry partner and, second, we understand the critical importance of paying attention to the consumer. Ultimately even the B2B ingredients business runs based on consumer preferences—ask our partners launching upcycled grain ingredients or marketing chickpea protein.

As one of the “best food marketing agencies,” food isn’t just our industry, it’s also our passion. So we follow the consumer landscape closely, always keeping in touch—as marketers and eaters—with the latest trends in retail, food service, and even home cooking. We linger a little too long in the grocery aisles, spend too long in lines at new restaurants, and stream Chef’s Table. Our explorations of the consumer market then inform every project we take on.

They know your supply chain

Although consumer desires drive the market, in a business-to-everyone era, it’s just as critical that the best food marketing agencies understand your supply chain. Not its particulars, necessarily—given the confidentiality that can be involved—but the general complexity involved in getting any food product to market in an age of global supply chains and ingredient transparency. In order to best communicate the value your business offers, marketers had better be attentive to that complexity.

Although any food marketer worth their coffee understands the importance of GMO labeling, added sugar, and clean labels, our intimacy with the supply chain goes further. More than just marketers, we have long served as true business partners to the food industry, making connections between suppliers and manufacturers or consulting on claims and ingredients. We know the food supply chain from its roots in agriculture to its fruits on the plate, putting us among the best food marketing agencies for solving your business challenges.

They’ve walked a mile (or 100) in their own shoes

Over the years, our team has worn out more than a few pairs of Allbirds and Altras at SupplySide West and IFT alone. We invest in attending these shows not only to support our partners (from tactical support like trade show booth and video design to sales support like networking and introductions) but also to educate ourselves. Whether attending large shows like the aforementioned or mid-sized shows like Paleo f(x), we believe that qualifying as one of the best food marketing agencies requires hitting the pavement (and the unnaturally cushioned trade show carpeting) and being part of the food and beverage industry.

They’ve changed with the industry

Over our decades in the food and beverage industry, we’ve listened to our partners (and to those who chose to partner with others) describe their needs and frustrations alike. As a result, we’ve adapted, reconfiguring and improving our own business model to be more meaningful, even adapting our physical space (and adding a second one) to better serve the needs of our clients. Which means that despite our mid-level size, we’re able to offer a comprehensive range of services: product development consulting, consumer-preferred packaging, moving interactive experiences and video, lead nurturing and Amazon storefront design and optimization for food and beverage brands, ingredients suppliers, and equipment manufacturers alike. And the list goes on. More importantly, we’re able, due to our business model, to do all of this (unlike the previous sentences) with focus and efficiency.

We’d love to tell you more about this on a call, but the key takeaway is that if you’re looking for more than just some production work, you need a partner who’s set up specifically to function as an efficient, external marketing arm of your own company, no matter the size.

So those are the broad qualities a person (a smart person; somebody like you) might seek in one of the “best food marketing agencies.” When you’d like to move beyond a broad search and a cheeky blog post into the particulars of your situation, we’d love to talk.

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Matt Miller writes, teaches, and practices biodynamic gardening near Reeds Spring, Missouri. A MarketPlace alum with a background in academic research, he’s fascinated with how culture, media, and business interact—and equally with the best methods of cultivating healthy fruit trees.