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We’re excited to announce our partnership with RiceBran Technologies, a leader in food ingredients produced from rice bran. With its innovative technology, RiceBran converts what would otherwise remain unused during the production of white rice into highly nutritious ingredients.

RiceBran’s ingredient line includes everything from rice bran oil, which is flavor-neutral and useful for frying, to a high-protein ingredient ideal for bars, healthy snacks, functional foods, and meal-replacement applications. With facilities throughout the United States and in Brazil, RiceBran Technologies, able to be a formulation and manufacturing partner or finished nutritional products producer, offers ingredients that meet the most pressing consumer demands—including gluten-free and non-GMO—while working to answer the larger issue of feeding and nourishing a growing world population with a readily available, nutrient-dense food source.

We’re already putting our food industry expertise to work for RiceBran Technologies, helping to refine their brand and increase both industry and consumer awareness of their innovative and unique ingredient technologies. We’re grateful for the opportunity to bring awareness to a genuinely innovative ingredient technology, but we’re just as grateful for the opportunity to work with an organization with such a meaningful mission, great story, and talented leadership team.

Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.