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I love this word: “Particibrands.” (an entity I have a strong affection for) defines the Particibrands trend as “to remain relevant, brands have no choice but to follow, adapt to, but most importantly participate in consumer culture, in all its joyous chaos and excitement.”

So what does this mean for the food and beverage industry? We have to be nimble, moving with culture…listening to consumers while anticipating what’s next as it relates to needs and unmet needs. It also means developing your company’s brand is not just the responsibility of the marketing department.

“Branding is the unification of your strategy, your culture, your production and your customer service, before, during and after the sale.”

The result? If you are successful in wrapping your brand around what people want and at the same time people like your company and the people who work there, you’ll thrive. People want to relate to you and what you have to offer.

People want authenticity. People want information…in a timely fashion, and they want that information from experts. They want to partner, not buy or supply. People want experiences infused around products. They want to be engaged, not told. They want information on-line so they feel you are approachable and easy to work with. People want to communicate with you in real time.

Every company has a great story to tell. Everyone you work with would be interested in it. That story will develop trust which builds stronger, mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships net in great growth opportunities and solutions for all involved.

For the record, Particibrands isn’t a trend anymore; it’s a means of growing your brand in this overly crowded marketplace.

Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.