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How we drew on consumer insights to inform a successful digital strategy for legacy pasta brand, Ronzoni.
The Situation

The 100-year-old brand, Ronzoni, needed to distinguish itself in the category by highlighting one of its key benefits–more shapes and styles to meet every consumer need. The only problem? Consumers were buying the same product on repeat. With over 30 shapes on-shelf, Ronzoni had an opportunity to grow awareness of its broad portfolio and get consumers interested in trying something new.

What We Did

We leaned into one of Ronzoni’s biggest advantages–the sheer number of pasta shapes in its portfolio. To build awareness and engagement between dry pasta shoppers and Ronzoni’s broad portfolio, we creatively highlighted distinct pasta shapes. Each shape is a vibe. Each shape has purpose. We just asked consumers to do one thing: Shape Your Plate.

Digital Campaign Videos

Shape Your Plate Spaghetti
Shape Your Plate Rotini
Shape Your Plate Gemelli
The campaign, complete with beautiful custom assets, reclaimed pasta as a personal expression for today’s consumer.

From social media to e-commerce, consumers saw Ronzoni as more than a brand offering an old standby (Spaghetti, Elbows, Penne). They experienced the elevated showstopper Cavatappi, zestful Gemelli, and soul-nourishing Orzo soup. From the initial interaction through purchase, consumers were inspired to shake up their own pasta game with new shapes, new recipes, and new moments with one thing we can always count on–pasta.

Digital Campaign Outcomes
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