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How do you rebrand a beloved pantry staple that holds over 100 years of nostalgia? By first answering the question: what is the problem you intend to solve? Followed by, is a rebrand strategy the most achievable way to solve it?


For national pasta brand Ronzoni, MarketPlace shaped a new brand strategy, identity, packaging redesign, and website that resonated with retailers and pasta shoppers alike. We extracted the charm and delight of this comforting classic to reignite its role as America’s pasta brand.

The result: over 90% purchase consideration among consumers and rave reviews from retailers.
Solving a Shoppability Problem

As legacy CPG brands like Ronzoni remain multigenerational must-haves, they’re also expected to serve the consumer journey. A journey that, in the past century, has exponentially more options. More retail channels. More brands. More product offerings. More decisions to make—and, often, in less time.

For brands and retailers, shoppability is more important than ever. With more than 35 pasta shapes and varieties on shelf, Ronzoni’s packaging could better aid pasta shoppers in their selections and encourage trial of new varieties.

For Ronzoni, a packaging redesign presented more than an opportunity to reshape the shopping experience. It invited a much-needed brand evolution. A fresh perspective, fresh positioning, and a celebration of each pasta shape, all rooted in the voice of the Ronzoni consumer.

Research, Reconnection, and Repositioning

Through market research, we tapped into the needs and motivations of pasta consumers, including legacy Ronzoni shoppers. At the same time, we were actively evolving the brand experience on social channels to expand reach and further engage audiences.

Consumer research and social engagement fed our rebrand strategy, including positioning, identity design, packaging redesign, a new brand website, and omnichannel digital promotion.

Honor the Past, Shape the Future

The new Ronzoni identity embraces the brand’s heritage with a logo evolution that retains familiar elements like arced typography and simplified durum wheat stalks. Hyperrealistic pasta shapes and a more vibrant blue breathe life into the brand, supporting shoppability across the range of pasta shapes.

Encircled in a new tagline: Pasta for all the Shapes of Life™, the Ronzoni “R” symbolizes a mark of approval, a nod to the past, and a legacy that continues to be savored in each scrumptious bite.

Brand Evolution

All the Shapes of Life

With the brand evolution and packaging redesign, Ronzoni embraced the era of Instacart shopping and meals enjoyed both over the kitchen counter as much as at a dinner table shared with family and friends. CPG branding is, after all, just as much about the experiences one has once the product leaves the packaging.

Custom Photography

Recipe-Centric, Mobile-First

Beyond the box, we brought the Ronzoni brand to shoppers through digital channels—Hulu and Google Ads, YouTube and Instagram—and breathed life into shopper marketing strategies.

All depend on a web presence that serves the consumer. With a recipe-centric, mobile-first approach, we incorporated classic Ronzoni recipes and fresh takes on favorite shapes, useful tips for culinary adventures, and a product locator integration that serves automated store-level data.

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A brand’s work is never done. After launching the new website, packaging, and brand assets, we continue to partner on new product launches, traffic-driving content and promotion, research, and strategic consulting for Ronzoni. Ready to reinvigorate your brand?

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