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Product Naming
From branded ingredients to CPG supplements for people and pets, MarketPlace has led successful naming projects for partners of all sizes (and in several languages) around the globe.
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Company Naming
We love startups, and we love playing a part in the development of new business units for global brands. Naming a new company—three people or three hundred—is always a labor, always a love.
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Specialized Naming
Though every project is unique, some are more specialized. We take pride in applying our industry expertise to name technologies, services, initiatives, equipment, and even colors.
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B2C and B2B Brand Naming at MarketPlace

Everyone understands what a name is. We all understand the basic components of language that combine to form a brand name. Yet naming is perhaps the most misunderstood of all brand disciplines.  

With hundreds of naming projects under our belt, we know what work a brand name should do, and we know why brand naming fails (read why). We know how to bring key stakeholders to the table with brand managers and salespeople to move forward with a name that everyone—including regulatory—can get behind.

We’re able to do this as a result of decades of experience leading companies through the brand development process, and we’re able to do this well because of our focus in the food, pet, and wellness industries. And it doesn’t hurt to have highly trained language experts as part of our core team!

CPG + B2B Companies + Products


D2C pet beds

Brilliant Bites

CPG pet supplement technology secondary nomenclature

Dogs Heart

CPG (club) dog jerky line


Sleep aid product


Pre-workout product

Mend + Defend

CPG supplement line


Trace minerals for animal health, wellbeing, and performance

Tiny Loves

CPG small-format jerky treat line for dogs big and tiny


Animal health CDMO

[Launching Soon!]

Microbiome ingredient portfolio

Bourn Relentless

D2C supplement line


Sleep and wellness startup, supplements and wearables

Elemend Health

CPG supplement manufacturer


CPG digestive health supplement


D2C keto nut butter

Pure Drive

Grass-fed whey protein product

Reunion Foods

Sustainable animal proteins for Whole Foods and beyond


CPG trace mineral supplements for companion animal and farm

[Launching Soon!]

National fundraising brand


Mass market pet care


Clean-label butter alternative for foodservice


Dog food startup


D2C protein bar company


Nut-free snack and product line


BCAA product


CPG dental care for suchgood dogs and cats


D2C keto coffee pods and MCT oil creamers


CPG masa harina line

Branded Ingredients


Advanced turmeric complex for supplements and functional foods


Global digestive and gut health product portfolio


Structured medium- and long-chain triglyceride ingredient

Carolina Clear

One of a larger line of clean-label sweet potato ingredients

HIgGH Gold

Highly soluble bovine colostrum whey isolate


Functional ingredient for pectin enhancement in formulation


Silk protein hydrolysate for enhanced cognitive function


Citrus aurantium extract for sports performance


Patented dual-path plant extract from fenugreek



Calcium fortification technology for bakery and confectionery


Clean-label technology to optimize cost-in-use


Taste modification technology for food and beverage


Patented liquid-to-powder conversion technology


Closed loop continuous manufacturing technology


Custom color name for luxury residential refrigeration


Whey fraction processing technology for colostrum


Acidulant-based bread preservation technology


A comprehensive line of clean-label dough solutions

Natural Glycolipids

Common name for natural beverage protection technology

Project Sage

Malic and fumaric acid facility expansion initiative


Acidulant-based artisan bread technology

Naming covers a lot of ground. Building on brand discovery and ideation, which produces foundational brand components (value prop, brand promise, archetype, etc), we begin the formal brand naming process with concept generation, where we typically develop between 250 and 1000 words, ideas, morphemes, and what our naming experts lovingly refer to as “brandcrumbs.” Following concept generation, our strategy, writing, and design leads collaborate with the naming team to develop a list of 25-50 high-potential candidates, which are then vetted for competitive, cultural, and defensibility concerns.

In a typical naming project, we then narrow name options to single digits, where we do a more thorough assessment, including legal screening in relevant classes through USPTO and/or WIPO. In some cases, we also perform custom research, testing for speech stream visibility on Amazon/e-commerce and/or for unanticipated associations/bias through targeted consumer survey panels.

Finally, we present, for most projects, between three and seven highly vetted, strategic brand name options that our partners can confidently champion internally (and can present to their legal/regulatory departments without breaking a sweat), that our strategy and design team can bring to life through visual identity and messaging, and that customers and consumers will find engaging, meaningful, and memorable.

Built upon earlier steps in the brand development process, we now spend time learning assumptions, setting expectations, and framing the criteria (present and future) by which we will determine a naming project’s success.
Using a combination of research, creative tools, time-tested mental exercises, and a lot of coffee and old-fashioned pencil to paper ideation, this is the place where we reject restraint and push our linguistic limits.
A brand name has a lot of work to do, and this stage is where we judge how well each option meets criteria, including memorability, relevance, semantic range, brand energy, phonesthetic resonance, and visual strength.
We love consensus and energy around a new name, so we perform thorough trademark (USPTO, WIPO) and competitive scans (Google, Amazon, social, URLs) to ensure, as well as we can, that we don’t present names that we can’t use.
Because a brand name is never encountered divorced from brand context, we do our best, when presenting, to show how a name might feel by presenting it within and alongside relevant brand imagery and sample marketing messaging.
Where testing is called for, we present final candidates to targeted consumer or customer panels to ensure that we uncover any unanticipated associations and to test how well they align with specific brand attributes (or other custom criteria).

Food, pet, and wellness companies around the world entrust us to lead their teams through naming projects, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

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