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Torie Grassi Jasper

Account Manager

We all have that one personality trait that stands out among the rest. For Torie, that is most definitely empathy.

That ability to not just understand needs, but truly identify with them, is more than just an inherent part of Torie. It was honed through dual Bachelor’s degrees in marketing communications and management. Through working alongside big names in the business, like Bayer and Barefoot Wine, and Anheuser-Busch. And through acting as the key communicator between the internal MarketPlace teams and some of our largest partners—all to deliver excellence on time, on budget, and on brief. Within each connection she builds as our Account Manager, Torie creates a positive, collaborative, and deeply compassionate environment.

This boundless warmth of hers has also allowed her to expand in personal ways. Eking out a bit more space for presence and pace, for slow walks and natural repose. More soulful experiences with everything from the food she eats to the books she reads to the people she loves. Torie’s heart is a treasure, her mind a treasure trove, and her gracious way with people a treasure to behold.