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Audrey Thomas


Audrey’s got the eye. For scroll-stopping headlines, witty social quips, and engaging web copy. She’s got the know-how for jumping on an existing brand and flawlessly writing in an established voice. She has a penchant for color, whether that’s a scheme in a design, a killer fit, or a colorful approach to a conceptual campaign.

In other words, Audrey’s got all the creative Copywriter talent.

And she has the awards to prove it. A regional ADDY; a Best-of-Show NAMA. She didn’t even leave Mizzou’s J-School without an NSAC award – and an emphasis in art direction, to boot. Audrey’s got a lot of big names on her belt, too, from international brands like Bayer to locals like On the Run and High Five Edibles. She has the kind of range to work with our pasta partners, our AI partners, and our supplement ingredient partners without breaking a sweat.

What more could Audrey possibly have? A taste for spicy margaritas – the ultimate recipe of which she has mastered. An equally opinionated and adorable blue heeler/husky mix named Mr. Finn. A husband who is there for her in times of *great* need. And a permanent spot in all our hearts at MarketPlace.