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Andrea Bleikamp

Brand Strategist

For someone who considers themselves on the strong side of practical, Andrea has an incredible imagination. And as MarketPlace’s Brand Strategist, that’s the kind of left-and-right brain thinking our partners love.

One example? She’s a linguistics major – the scientific study of language reminiscent of dissecting cells in a petri dish. But Andrea’s equally fascinated with how people connect through language and the way each word defines our cognitive framework, our beliefs of ourselves and the world around us. She’s worked alongside R&D, supply chain, and operations to tell brand stories. She helps define and reach strategic goals through creative messaging. Working with brands like Honda and Acura, some of the biggest names in home and garden, and even an Irish pub, Andrea’s well-rounded perspective continues to give our partners the kind of insight they need to uniquely stand out in a crowded environment.

She’s an Indie-enjoying flutist. A professionally trained floral designer. A LOTR-loving volunteer ESL tutor. Wonderfully complex, humbly talented. We’re imagining big things for Andrea at MarketPlace.