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Nina Marciano


There is no one in the world like Nina. And the world is so much better for it.

Given her background in writing for the B2Bs and the DTCs, promotional product industry and food sport competition know-how, Nina’s resume is as unique as she is. Her ability to put words together that catch eyes and minds is only matched by her voracious appetite to grow her already considerable copywriting skills.

With a B.A. in English and minors in communication and graphic design from Truman State, Nina brings an equally distinctive perspective that MarketPlace’s food, pet, and wellness partners love. Nothing is too small; a 404 whoopsies page is as much of a fun challenge as a multi-platform digital campaign. Her intent with each word always matches the ask: Add to Cart, Subscribe, Register, Click, Like, Comment, Convert.

A master prankster with an old soul. An eloquent poet with an infectious laugh. A dog mom to Rosie (Schnoz, Rosabeth, or Snosabeth), Snoopy (Noobie), and Ranger (just Ranger). Nina’s singular self has made every one of us wiser, wittier, and, well, better.