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Jake Klinghammer Senior Brand Strategist
Jake Klinghammer hover image with dog

Jake Klinghammer

Strategy Director

Master of puns. Dad-joke connoisseur. And a seriously sharp business strategist. Jake brings the human aspect to brands, turning our partners’ goals and consumer insights into smart, actionable plans that people relate to and trust.

As a Senior Brand Strategist at MarketPlace, Jake is replete with award-winning expertise built upon a diverse and impressive background. Account management, shopper marketing, and brand management for the likes of AB InBev, Chobani, Spectracide, Walmart, and Coca-Cola. Multiple degrees in everything from journalism to finance to an MBA. All this means he’s a champ at the whole process – concept to launch.

A dog dad to the lucky Lucy. A reliable source for the best shows to watch. And a dedicated colleague. Jake and his jokes make MarketPlace a wiser and cleverer space.