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Mark Queveraux Headshot

Mark Quevreaux

Sr Production Designer

There are those rare advertising veterans – the ones who have managed to accumulate decades of expertise, an inspiring list of accolades, and a remarkable client list – who stay humble. Who lead with a service mindset. Who welcome collaboration with newbs and novices.

That would be Mark, our Senior Production Designer.

Maybe it’s good karma that brought him to MarketPlace. Maybe it’s our clients who work to preserve quality of life while protecting the planet. Whatever it is, we deeply appreciate Mark’s depth of knowledge in everything print and digital production. From conference booths to digital banners, Mark’s eyes on the minutia of every piece of work provide the kind of perfection our clients deserve and our Creative Team is proud of.

A loving husband and father. A tired dog-dad to Energizer Ethan. A steward of the earth. And a quiet humor. Mark lives life with authenticity, intelligence, and a whit we would be remiss without.