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Cameron Rolf MarketPlace Art Director

Cameron Rolf

Art Director

A self-described regular ol’ dude – Cameron is anything but. Sure, he’s down-to-earth. Trustworthy. Highly dependable. But he’s also an incredibly talented artist, a deep thinker who puts strategic intention behind every design, and someone who keeps managing to surprise and delight MarketPlace partners with each completed project.

Yeah, regular just doesn’t cut it.

With an educational background in Journalism, cross-country agency experience, and a client list that reads like a who’s-who in consumer products and services, Cameron is the Swiss Army Knife of our Creative Team. Typography, 3D design, illustration, even some captions here and there – the list is long enough to challenge the Swiss Champ XXL. The tools in his arsenal keep growing, too; from building entire websites for the first time to making a man-bun go viral.

What could make Cam any better? The best woofer, his poodle Rigby. And his wife, who may be even cooler than he is. We’re proud this anything-but-regular guy calls MarketPlace (and STL) home.