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Sarah Drake Controller
sarah drake grenadine

Sarah Drake

Controller + Business Manager

There is a little piece of Heaven, deep in the woods, where an angel we call Sarah lives. That’s not hyperbole—this woman is a saint.

As the resident Controller, Business Manager, problem-solver, software-systems-specialist, go-to-for-everything, we count our lucky stars that Sarah has graced MarketPlace with her reliable, steady, and oh-so-knowledgeable presence.

With an extensive background leading major business systems transitions, ensuring smooth operational methodologies, keeping companies financially sound, and developing and managing processes capable of supporting client-facing teams, Sarah is the actual definition of Jane-of-all-trades.

And as if she can’t get any better, Sarah is also dog obsessed. A lifelong animal lover with a history in the veterinary field, she is incredibly proud to be part of an organization that is contributing to the success of brands that help keep pets happy and healthy. Her own three pup-kids—Grenadine (aka Grenade), Molly, and Charlie Daniels Band—all roam in and out of MarketPlace, leaving joy and treat crumbs in their wake. Much like their mom, herself.