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Emma Schumacher


There’s talking the talk, walking the walk—and then there’s Emma. The infinite embodiment of a Designer in every meaning of the word.

Embodiment in her education. WashU alum with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Women in Architecture & Design, and professional fraternity of Architecture and the Allied Arts. Former Exec of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art’s Mentorship Program. And a Portfolio Plus Scholar.

Embodiment in her career. Freelance graphic designer and brand identity designer for local names like TEDxStLouis for over five years. MarketPlace Intern turned full-time, and highly regarded, employee. Working with our B2C and B2B partners alike, on everything from a mile-wide tradeshow booth to a new facility art installation to eye-catching social media posts.

And embodiment in her personal life. Obsessed with aesthetics, there is nothing Emma doesn’t desire to make more beautiful—be it her home, the portfolios of the many young professionals she mentors, or her perception of people, places, and situations in her life. And, MarketPlace. Yeah, we’re much more beautiful with Emma around.