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As the line between food and medicine has blurred in recent years, MarketPlace has been on the forefront of conversations about nutrition and wellness, helping companies in the industry grow through actionable research and measurable tactics.
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Every year we conduct primary research on the U.S. Supplement Consumer—they’re needs, format preferences, behaviors, the active ingredients they seek, their favorite flavors, and more.

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All Consuming
Over two decades ago, we began MarketPlace as consultants, helping B2B food companies brand better. From day one, we’ve been deeply rooted in nutrition and lifestyle markets, always working backward from consumer insight to develop strategies that matter.
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Cleaner Always
As the line between food and medicine has blurred in recent years, we’ve been on the forefront of conversations about wellness, clean labels, and nutrition, keeping tabs (so many tabs!) on trends in VMS, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and other wellness products.
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Better Branding
From probiotics to protein, digestive health to infant nutrition, branded ingredients to brand launch, positioning to packaging, all of our work is driven by intelligence, collaboration, and care, enabling us to create breakthrough brands and cultivate meaningful success.
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Our Supplement Branding Work

When our historically B2B partner decided it was time to develop their own CPG supplement brand for the human nutrition space, they asked us to lead them through the from-scratch-creation and launch of a consumer supplement line. In other words, what we did for them (as we’ve done for other partners) is help a B2B company convert, grow, and adapt to the new world of D2C.

We’ve developed ingredient brands for digestive health, sports nutrition, cognitive and mood, sleep aid and recovery, and more. We’ve also partnered with innovative companies to develop and launch lifestyle brands, like a keto food brand and a personalized supplement brand for a professional athlete.

Our work in health and wellness ranges from the microbiome to the macroenvironment. The future of the land, the animals, and the soil is a vital, ongoing conversation that we’re having daily with our partners who create meaningful wellness brands for people and pets. Recently, we sent our video team to Green Pastures Farm to be immersed in the world of Greg & Jan Judy, regenerative ranchers, to better understand this aspect of a healthier, happier world that we work so hard to help promote.

Gut Health
From enzymes and spore-forming probiotics to postbiotics and colostrum, we’re grateful and proud to partner with innovative digestive and gut health brands across B2B and CPG.
Branded Ingredients
From co-branding to endorsed brands, we have deep experience building ingredient equity through positioning, visual identity, and creative execution across brand touchpoints.
We’ve developed and deployed custom research to help partners determine the most resonant formats for their supplements, from gummies and stickpacks to K-Cups and RTD beverages.
Tribe Marketing
Wellness branding requires a holistic view and understanding of the cultures and worldviews that stand to make or break a product’s success. Through market research and collective experience, we define target audiences and develop branding that resonates.
Personalized Nutrition
In both the pet and human nutrition space, consumers are more educated and more interested in brands that they perceive to care about their individual needs. We work with partners to determine effective ways to offer not only highly targeted offerings but also highly personalized messaging and marketing.
Sales Channels and Promotion
From B2B sales efforts to influencer marketing to Amazon to D2C, we work with our partners across sales channels and collaborate on commercialization and promotion plans that are efficient and effective.

From our partners to our trusted media relationships, we’re deeply immersed in the industry. We’re ready to connect with you and help you connect to your audience.

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