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Haley Palmer

Brand Strategist

We plan and someone, somewhere laughs. That has never stopped Haley from trying—and succeeding.

Which is part of what makes her such an incredible Brand Strategist at MarketPlace. Because she understands that progress is rarely linear; it’s all just part of the larger plan.

Take her career, for example. She always planned to be in the ad industry, following a creative legacy first through a B.S. and M.S. in communications, where she made big plans as President of the Graduate Student Association. Then through all the strategies she developed for big names like BioGaia, Replesta, and Microsoft. Her course can sometimes be straightforward, like writing award-winning industry papers—or it can be seemingly left-field, like writing textbooks on human kinetics. But she never deviates from that bigger picture.

The same goes for her role here at MP. Whether she’s framing positioning, plotting each brand touchpoint, or charting the path for new business, Haley’s plans perform. Why? Because she has something many struggle to cultivate: The wisdom and grace to know when to let go (like when she let go of the plan to get one dog and ended up with the perfect two).

We can’t predict everything Haley has planned for us and our partners. But we know we’ll all end up exactly where we need to be.