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Industry Focus
Over two decades ago, we began MarketPlace as consultants, helping B2B food companies brand better. From day one, we’ve been focused on the nutrition and lifestyle markets, always working backward from consumer insight to develop strategies that matter.
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Cleaner Always
As the line between food and medicine has blurred in recent years, we’ve been on the forefront of conversations about wellness, clean labels, and nutrition, keeping tabs on trends in supplements, functional foods and beverages, cosmeceuticals, and other wellness products.
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Better Branding
From probiotics to protein, digestive health to infant nutrition, branded ingredients to brand launch, positioning to packaging, all of our work is driven by intelligence, collaboration, and care, enabling us to create breakthrough brands and cultivate meaningful success.
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From our partners to our trusted media relationships, we’re deeply immersed in the B2B and CPG nutrition industry.

We’ve developed ingredient brands for digestive health, sports nutrition, cognitive and mood, sleep aid and recovery, and more. We’ve also partnered with innovative companies to develop and launch lifestyle brands, like a keto food brand and a personalized supplement brand for a professional athlete.

Now three years since the outset of the pandemic, we wanted to better understand the shifts in the supplement market in terms of what’s new and what’s next. READ OUR WHITE PAPER
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