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SuperZoo and Global. Pet Specialty and Independent. FDM and D2C.

We’re uniquely and enthusiastically immersed in your industry, working to connect your brand with pet parents in the right way, in the right places, at the right times.
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Our partners wanted to know how COVID might affect new product development. We deployed a custom survey to help them make decisions.

Speaking Pet Parent
MarketPlace works daily to understand what drives pet parents’ complex purchase decisions. We’re motivated to dig deeply into the data so that we can craft brands that resonate with pet product purchasers and move them through awareness to decision and, ultimately, to brand loyalty.
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Sales Strategy
From Amazon, Chewy, and D2C to Instagram, Google Ads, and Pinterest, we know when and where pet brands thrive. Major brands consult with us to define or expand their reach and to ultimately grow their social awareness, sales, shelf velocity, and customer lifetime value.
Suchgood Sales Strategy - pet branding and marketing
Relevant Timing
From adjusting your strategy for global events (hello, COVID) to understanding when a category is oversaturated, even down to knowing the best day to ship samples, our team collaborates with you, using our collective experience and insight to guide business decisions.
Relevant Timing - pet branding and marketing - jerky strips

Our Pet Work

Air dryer innovation. Carry-on planogram. Geoduck. Our first visit with Hillside Farms, maker of Farmland Traditions jerkies, was anything but predictable. It was also the start of a brand partnership with a company we ♥.

If you’re developing a consumer pet product and your market space isn’t saturated, you’re in a good position. But that doesn’t mean you can settle for a good brand. You need very good. Quite good. Much good. Suchgood.

We worked with FURminator for six months before they told us they wanted to move FURminator from specialty brand to household name. As brand strategists – but more importantly as pet lovers and FURminator users ourselves – we believed it was the right move.

Two decades of partnering with meaningful pet nutrition and lifestyle brands has brought us great joy. We can’t wait to hear about your brand and your goals, and we hope to be able to share our relevant areas of experience and expertise.

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Dog Lovers
Throughout the COVID pandemic, we’ve sought connection. One of the ways U.S. households have connected is by welcoming dogs to our families. We believe that this increase in dog households will hold, and we’re excited to help pet nutrition and lifestyle companies better serve them.
Cat People
We know that Millennials are adopting cats at a higher pace than any other age group. We also know that the U.S. cat parent is underserved. We’re equipped and excited to help you build and grow a cat brand deserving of the highly diverse cat parent.
A Good, Long Life
We’ve helped partners develop and launch pet supplement brands of all kinds, and while we love developing a brand strategy and activating it for success at shelf and online, what we value most is knowing that we’re playing a small part in bettering the lives of pets.
The Shelf
Standing out at shelf requires brand strategy built on profound consumer insight. Our research and strategy team works with you to uncover these insights and translate them into visual design and messaging that make packaging matter.
The Farm
While we work in the city, for many of us, our heart is on the farm. We’re grateful to partner with animal nutrition companies to develop nutrition brands for categories spanning equine and swine to poultry and aquaculture.
The Real Influencers
It’s not enough to design a strategy and launch a product or a product line. It takes consistent promotion and agile marketing to convert trial into repeat purchase and to earn the greatest endorsement of all: pet parents telling other pet parents about their favorite brands.

From our partners to our trusted media relationships, we’re deeply immersed in the industry. We’re ready to connect with you and help you connect to your audience.

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Behind the Scenes of Our Latest Dog Photoshoot

Whether your pet brand could use some consulting, repackaging, media planning, promotion, or just some love in general, we can help. We’re excited for the opportunity to partner with you, and that starts with you saying hello below!