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We’re happy to announce that we recently began a partnership with Parker Products, an innovative ingredient producer with a wide range of products encompassing inclusions, flavor systems, and other value-added ingredients. Founded by the creator of the famous “Drumstick” ice cream novelty, Parker has been a source for creativity in the food industry since its inception.

Parker’s historic strength is in confectionery, baking, and frozen desserts, and the company supplies its unique hard and soft candy inclusions to many major brands throughout the industry. But candy is far from their only strength; when we visited their plant (as part of a working brand discovery session), they were producing sriracha-coated cashews, and their product list includes quinoa flakes, fruit preps, and granola clusters. With their long history of innovation, Parker has done it all—and they know how to work with their customers to ensure the success of their applications.

In the coming months, MarketPlace and Parker Products will work together to launch a number of exciting new initiatives. We’re grateful to be able to help tell the story of a company with such a compelling history and unique capabilities, and we look forward to showcasing the fruits of our partnership in the months to come.

Matt Miller staff photo
Matt Miller writes, teaches, and practices biodynamic gardening near Reeds Spring, Missouri. A MarketPlace alum with a background in academic research, he’s fascinated with how culture, media, and business interact—and equally with the best methods of cultivating healthy fruit trees.