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A savvy social media strategy from the food marketing agency reduced cost per engagement by 75% while nearly tripling engagement itself.
The Situation

The 100-year-old-and-counting brand, Ronzoni Pasta, needed to distinguish itself — an everyday adventure in food product marketing. We narrowed down one of the brand’s key benefits: more shapes and styles to meet every consumer need. 

The only problem? Consumers were buying the same product on repeat. With over 30 shapes on the shelves, Ronzoni had an opportunity to grow awareness of its broad portfolio and get consumers interested in something new. Enter stage right: the food marketing agency (us!), specialists in digital marketing for food and beverage brands.

What We Did

We celebrated the individual shape of each pasta to build awareness of Ronzoni’s broad portfolio and spark engagement with the brand. Each shape is a vibe. Each shape has purpose. We embodied each shape’s uniqueness with a call to pasta lovers. The campaign became an invitation: Shape Your Plate™.

Shape Your Plate™ Campaign Videos

Shape Your Plate Spaghetti
Shape Your Plate Rotini
Shape Your Plate Gemelli
Inspiring shoppers to try something new with an outside-the-pasta-box campaign

Every pasta is a vibe and Ronzoni has them all. But what’s the best way to convey that to customers? We leaned into vivid, shape-focused language to entice shoppers to switch it up, whether they were looking for a comforting classic like Spaghetti or a celebratory shape like Cavatappi.

From social media to Instacart, consumers were invited to discover new and nostalgic shapes, recipes, and moments. We made the invitation to engage even more appealing with the custom food photography we captured at our in-house photo studio.

Digital Campaign Outcomes
Cost per Engagement
Change in cost per Engagement, YOY
Engagement Rate (Benchmark: 11.96%)

Behind the Scenes:
A Brand Evolution

While reinvigorating social channels, we were cooking up a brand revamp behind the scenes. A brand is a living thing, after all, and must be fed to flourish, even during a metamorphosis. We kept social media channels active while boosting audience engagement, all while stretching the brand’s ad spend by reducing cost per engagement.

By cultivating Ronzoni’s following during a time of transition, audiences were active and engaged — with recipes, tips and tricks, and plate-shaping pasta — when Ronzoni launched its brand evolution. Dive into the full Ronzoni case study to see our food product marketing strategy and brand work.

Food Product Marketing Services

Campaign Strategy
“Strategy, first and always.” You’ll hear that many times around here. Part North Star and part creative fuel, strategy guides all we do. It’s the building block of our approach to food and beverage digital marketing.
Creative Concept Development
From the strategy, the creative concept is born — a shining nugget of brand insight encapsulated in a cohesive identity. It’s the big idea that attracts new people to your brand and reinvigorates everyone. You might say creative concepting is our bread and butter. (We are the food marketing agency, after all.)
Video and Digital Ad Production
The creatives spearheading your campaigns are the ones in the studio executing them. Sleeves rolled up. Lighting fine-tuned to perfection. How far are we willing to go for the perfect shot, you wonder? Ask us about digitally regrouting tile. All in a day’s work bringing food product marketing to life.
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