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If you don’t already know The Nutrition Education People, I hope you’ll get to know them soon. They’re the heart behind the St. Louis District Dairy Council (SLDDC), a nonprofit nutrition education organization whose mission, since 1932, has been to communicate the role and necessity of dairy as part of a healthy diet. The SLDDC has worked with key leaders in education, health, consumer groups and media.

We had the privilege of working with The Nutrition Education People to better communicate their brand, and since they are their brand, the first thing we did is arrange a professional photo shoot with our friends at Meoli Studio, who took group, individual and “hobby shots.” Why hobby shots? Because we knew that people would be eager to take advice from The Nutrition Education People once they got to know them.

Then we worked in partnership to develop the look, feel and content for the website. We established “Our People” so that users could better get to know their trusted advisors. Then we highlighted their programs, including ones supported by the NFL. We created a blog to communicate “What’s New” in daily marketing and communication efforts—since the SLDDC is funded by farmers, it’s important that farmers and dairy manufacturers stay current on initiatives that impact their products.

We created “Education,” an area where you can find and download information categorized for the SLDDC’s three primary audiences: educators, health professionals and consumers.

We added a Media Room for press releases, RSS feeds, videos, image and logo downloads and bios, everything the media needs to get the word out on this amazing organization and the value of dairy.

Finally, we developed a Facebook page and social media feed to provide users more ways to stay in touch with The Nutrition Education People.

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Tracy Landau
Tracy has successfully developed and grown businesses and award-winning brands and marketing programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, from entrepreneurs to global corporations.