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We’re very excited to be working with Roquette, a world leader in the ingredients industry offering a wide range of products and solutions in human nutrition, pharmacy-cosmetology, paper/board, chemistry-bioindustry, and animal nutrition. Experts in polyols and the leading European producer of maltodextrins, pyrogen-free raw materials, and cationic starches, Roquette has factories in Europe, America, and Asia that process exclusively renewable raw materials: maize, wheat, potatoes, and peas, e.g. We’re especially excited about working alongside a leader in green chemistry, specifically integrated biorefining. Roquette transforms renewable resources (corn, wheat, potatoes, and peas) into an extensive line of high quality ingredients for a wide range of food and non-food industries throughout the world.

We’ve been given the privilege of working to communicate and market their value to their American market. Currently, we’re working together on innovation center marketing, helping brand their state-of-the-art Customer Innovation Center in Geneva, IL, built specifically to be a flexible, creative, inspiring place for customers to collaborate with Roquette to develop products and get them to market quickly. With an advanced R&D and application lab, Roquette University courses, and a culinary demonstration kitchen, it’s a complete—and completely unique—product development center that their customers can call their own, and our job is to help make sure that that happens. It’s an exciting time for Roquette, and we’re excited to be a part of strengthening the Roquette brand.

Jeremy Higgins
Jeremy Huggins is a MarketPlace alum. He oversaw our creative and writing teams, led naming projects, and ensured that all of our brand development work is thorough, thoughtful, and meaningful.