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There are those days in life where you are filled with so much excitement, joy, and energy you can hardly contain yourself – you instantly want to share it with others. You inevitably know that you can’t literally “share” the joy – at least not in the way that you might share a favorite book – all you can really do is feel grateful in that moment for such an experience and do your best to bring joy to others.

Recently, I had the privilege of photographing rescued pets for FURminator, a pet hair solutions brand, and, for me, this was one of those moments. It was awe-inspiring to witness the dedicated volunteers from St. Louis dog and cat rescue groups as they poured their hearts into improving the lives of these pets and to see – and capture in photographs – the pets themselves, completely vulnerable, but surrounded by so much hope and love.

It’s these moments that remind us on a very basic level that, as creatives, we can do good through the things we do well. By photographing these dogs and cats in a way that let their personalities shine through, someone’s heartstrings might just be tugged that little bit more to inspire them to act – and, in this case, adopt.

As an individual, it is uplifting to participate in these types of projects, and it’s even more inspiring to have the support of a major brand like FURminator behind them.

We at MarketPlace couldn’t be more thrilled that FURminator has decided to exclusively showcase rescue pets on the front of all of their packaging, in addition to incorporating rescue pet photos into other components of their brand. Shedding a spotlight on dogs and cats in need of homes is authentic, relevant, and heart-warming and you can’t beat that. People want real. And they want brands to understand their life and their values. For a large portion of the FURminator audience, that means supporting adoptable dogs and cats.

At MarketPlace, authentic and relevant content creation – from the photography and design of a brand image to the words that tell the story behind it – is what we do. Get in touch today—we’d love to help you bring out the genuine passion and story behind your brand.

Below are a few outtakes from several rescue photo shoots we did. Enjoy!

rescue pet photos
Crystal Buckey is part of the fabric of MarketPlace, her drive and intuition and dedication not only elevating our partners’ brands but also, and more importantly, inspiring our team members to reach beyond, believe more deeply, and create with joy.