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Huggibles Branding and Packaging

The Situation

When pet supplement line Huggibles was acquired, the brand owners came to MarketPlace for its rebrand. We (literally) embraced the opportunity to disrupt the online pet supplement space with careful consideration for Amazon as the primary sales channel. Armed with consumer insights, our team got to work repositioning Huggibles as the potent pet supplement designed for more good days—more huggs, more life.

What We Did

We explored an electric color palette and developed an illustration style that breaks through in the pet supplement space. The custom illustrated dog evokes liveliness: headband on, ears flapping, not a care in the world. The hand-drawn typographic logo is nested in a hug—a symbol of love and protection. Efficacy, underpinned by ingredient quality, are reinforced with claims and type lockups. Paired in a way no other pet supplement brand does, Huggibles’ reverberates with energy and vitality.

Today, Huggibles continues to attract new pet supplement shoppers and elicit positive reviews as it expands its product line to additional formats, formulas, pet species, and retail channels.

purchase consideration by pet supplement shoppers, ages 18-38.

From brand partners to media relationships, we’re completely immersed in the pet industry.

Tiny Loves with Bone Broth

The Situation

Each treating occasion—rewarding, training, topping food, or simply to say I adore you—is an invitation to win over dogs and their people. When Farmland Traditions, the makers of Dogs Love Jerky, extended their line of pet treats to include a line of small, meaty treats with the added appeal of bone broth, they returned to brand firm MarketPlace. The approach: Do more with less. Reimagine farmland. Spotlight bone broth. All with love.

What We Did

In designing packaging, MarketPlace simplified the farmland motif with a sunrise silhouette that doubles as an overhead view of a bowl brimming with broth. Each flavor is designated with a color inspired by primary ingredients: The light pink of a chicken fillet. The red of a fresh steak. The orange flesh of a pumpkin. Custom illustrations give a nod to the Tiny Loves brand name and the window and callouts highlight decision-drivers.

This recyclable packaging ushered the Farmland Traditions brand into a new era—and into new retailers, gaining ground with distribution and sales in pet specialty and online retail channels.

Snubbies for Snub-nosed Dogs

The Situation

An entrepreneur with a track record of ecommerce excellence sought to enter the pet category with a brand of his own: Snubbies. Inspired to improve the lives of snub-nosed dog breeds—including his own bulldogs, Lunchbox and Pretty Girl—Snubbies’ founder sought MarketPlace for pet category and CPG branding expertise. Building on the founder’s personal experience, MarketPlace defined a pet product innovation strategy that connected inspiration to actualization by unearthing audience values, exploring product possibilities, and, ultimately, forming a realized brand.

What We Did

Through Ideation, we were inspired by the founder’s mission to honor and celebrate the uniqueness of brachycephalic dog breeds. With primary research and insights, we distilled the unique needs and aspirations of the audience into product development pathways for Snubbies. Grounded in MarketPlace’s pet supplement and functional ingredient experience, we collaborated with Snubbies’ founder and manufacturing partners to inform soft chew supplement formulation and positioning. And, infusing decades of pet branding expertise, we created the brand and packaging—a manifestation of the founding vision for Snubbies, all for the love of snub-noses.

Pet Parent Insights
Understanding what drives pet parents’ complex purchase decisions is key to speaking to the right audience. Alongside with the primary and secondary research for our partners, we conduct in-house research for industry conferences from NASC to Alltech ONE that drives many of our best insights and most effective strategies.
Best In Channel
Growing awareness, sales, shelf velocity, and customer loyalty is about consistently optimizing product offerings, positioning, and placement. From Amazon to Pet Specialty, Instagram to Influencer, major brands consult with us to effectively launch them in market, expand their omnichannel presence, and grow their community of fans.
Shepherding Resources
From adjusting your strategy and spend for global events (hello, inflation) to navigating an oversaturated category, our team works with you to maximize ROI through captivating, brand amplifying messaging and custom content. We’re motivated to care for your resources as if they’re our own and to make every initiative count.
Woof, Bark
Our best furry friends. Our helpers and companions. Members of the family. We seek connection with our dogs and with the brands that take good care of them. From food, to treats, to oral care, we’re helped all manner and size of pet nutrition and lifestyle companies connect to their customers.
We know that Millennials are adopting cats at a higher pace than any other age group. We also know that the U.S. cat parent is underserved. From grooming gloves to supplements, we’re equipped and excited to help you build and grow a cat brand deserving of the highly diverse cat parent.
Moo, Cluck, Neigh, Baa
While we work in the city, for many of us, our heart is on the farm. We’re grateful to partner with animal nutrition companies to develop supplement and nutrition brands for categories spanning equine and swine to poultry and aquaculture.
Pet Supplement Branding
We’ve helped partners develop and launch pet supplement brands of all kinds, and while we love developing a brand strategy and activating it for success at shelf and online, what we value most is knowing that we’re playing a small part in bringing longer, better days to pets and pet parents.
Stand-out Packaging
Standing out at shelf requires brand strategy built on profound consumer insight. Our research and strategy team works with you to uncover these insights, test them, and translate them into visual design and messaging that make packaging matter.
Pet Parent Communities
It’s not enough to design a strategy and launch a product or a product line. It takes consistent promotion and agile marketing to convert trial into repeat purchase and to earn the greatest endorsement of all: pet parents telling other pet parents about their favorite brands.
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