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At MarketPlace, we specialize in ingredient branding, from positioning to promotion. Here are a few brands we’ve helped grow.




Kerry Group, an international leader in taste and nutrition innovation, sought to expand its ProActive Health portfolio of functional ingredients. The €7.4 bn (FY 2021) company’s visionary growth required portfolio-level brand positioning and architecture to elucidate its value. At the product level, Kerry’s spore-forming probiotic ingredient called for branded ingredient positioning and identity development to stand out in the surging nutraceutical category.


Informed by B2B ingredient expertise and niche subcategory research, MarketPlace developed global, portfolio-level positioning for ProActive Health. We created the portfolio’s brand blueprint—fundamentals like the brand archetype, value proposition, architecture, and messaging—and told its story through video. For its B2B ingredient launch, we developed branded ingredient strategy, manifested in the value proposition, name, logo, and sales narrative for Sporevia® Probiotic. Today, Kerry remains a paragon of taste and nutrition innovation with business growth to match. In 2022, the company reported notable growth, with group revenue of €8.8 bn. 

More Branded Ingredient Work

Celesta Slumbermore + Rnrmore
Novel Ingredients KINETIQ®
EverGrain Everpro
Innophos Cera-Q®
Bartek Pecmate
Dietary Supplements
The sleep blend that supports rest and recovery. The clinically-backed prebiotic sought by consumers who seek microbiome balance. Functional ingredients drive supplement benefits, and not all are valued equally. Distinguish your dietary supplement ingredient—sourcing, clinical validation, purity, and more—with ingredient branding from the experts.
Food + Beverage
The clean label anti-staling solution that makes baked goods taste fresher, longer. The pectin enhancer that brings stability to gummy candies. Powerful food ingredient branding makes for more effective positioning and promotion. Through strategy, branding, and promotion, MarketPlace makes connects food ingredients with food scientists.
Pet + Animal Health
Whether serving farm and feed or Fido and Felix, pet and animal nutrition brands need the right mix of ingredients. Trace minerals with greater bioavailability and proven performance. Human-grade probiotics for digestive and immune support. Understanding pet and animal nutrition nuances, MarketPlace develops ingredient branding that resonates.
B2B Ingredient Strategy
“Strategy, first and always.” It’s more than our mantra—it guides all we do. For B2B ingredient brands, strategy entails positioning the ingredient or food technology for the right applications, audiences, and value.
Ingredient Brand Naming
A name is a vessel for meaning and, on occasion, is imbued with meaning all its own. From descriptive to esoteric to onomatopoeic, we create ingredient brand names that breathe life into the strategy and invite the brand to take hold.
Logo & Identity Creation
We shape brands by developing their logo, messaging, and visual systems. More than visual appeal, ingredient branding requires simplicity and 1-color clarity to effectively live on CPG packaging and co-branded promotion.
Ingredient Marketing
B2B ingredient branding doesn’t stop with logo development. MarketPlace Branding activates food, beverage, and supplement ingredient brands through industry advertising, B2B digital promotion, and consumer awareness campaigns.
B2B Food Industry PR
Where do food scientists and VMS product developers get their news? In all of the same places that our clients show up. With longstanding relationships with B2B food, beverage, and supplement media platforms, we support brands with PR and promotion.
Imagining the Future
We inspire technical audiences with innovation possibilities. With 3D renderings of imagined finished products, we illuminate what could be—applications, claims, and formats—in sales tools, trade shows, and capabilities presentations.
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