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How the pet marketing agency took the beloved FURminator brand to the next level with brand positioning and promotion.

Brand Positioning Strategy

We’d worked with FURminator for about six months—B2B pet industry marketing, sales collateral, and a consumer print campaign—when they told us that they wanted to move FURminator from its position as a steady, specialty brand to a household name.

As brand strategists, we were eager to take on the challenge of such a significant positioning shift. Perhaps more importantly, as dog lovers and FURminator users ourselves, we believed that it was the right move. So we got to work.

We started with a few small projects and research for an ad campaign. That research convinced us that the audience for our partner, FURminator, was bigger than they’d been targeting. So we took that research, added to it our experience and analysis of their brand and their market, and put together a strategy based on our belief in the value of custom content and designed to shift FURminator from a beloved, but niche, brand to a household name.

Branding for the Pet Industry

Having previously identified price as the primary hurdle to purchase for most potential customers, we used new messaging, “Worth It,” in an ad campaign to address that hurdle head-on. We knew, though, that it wouldn’t be enough for FURminator to use that language—we had to figure out how to get thousands of passionate FURminator brand ambassadors and influencers to use that language.

We did that in two key ways: by redefining the target audience and by creating a forum through which they could learn, and then use, that language. That forum was the Worth It social site and all the share-able content we created for it.

FURminator minisite homepage view

Pet Industry Content Strategy

Words matter. A lot. But web content—that which is highly shared, at least—is visual. To encourage our audience to share the content and spread the message, we had to develop messages couched in highly visual content. That meant custom pet photography and shareable video, harnessing our expertise in photography and videography as well as our experience wrangling high-energy pets.

User Interface

Our target audience comprises a large number of people actively spending time with their dogs, so the site had to be accessible at all times, in all places, on all types of devices. Like the brand strategy itself, the medium needed to respond to the environment of the desired audience, and our design work ensured that response.

Social Integration With The Right Positioning

Expanding FURminator’s audience meant expanding FURminator’s social footprint. So we designed and established a presence for FURminator on Pinterest and Instagram (to add to their presence on Facebook and Twitter) and united them all through the Worth It site.

FURminator mini-site and content marketing assets

Media Planning and Advertising

Understanding that engaging consumers directly was critical to the brand, we developed an integrated media plan to help FURminator reach the right audience, and we fulfilled that plan with print and digital ad campaigns closely integrated with FURminator’s presence on social media. From targeted Facebook buys to native advertising, fun, shareable images and messaging supporting the “Worth It” position helped drive consumer adoption of the brand’s own language, as well as widespread sharing of social advertising and content.

FURminator print ads in trade publications

Cause Marketing in the Pet Industry

As part of the FURminator media plan, we recommended an approach to cause marketing centered on pet rescue. We worked with a rescue organization near FURminator’s offices to photograph some of their rescue pets in order to promote adoption in a campaign sponsored by the brand. And we helped FURminator move toward featuring 100% rescue pets on their packaging, linking the brand permanently with a cause near to their hearts and ours.

FURminator dog rescue ad and marketing

Pet Rescue Video

Content is Value

Value is a cliché. Value is necessary. Value comes in many forms: currency, products, information, status, states of being. For FURminator, whose primary seller is a premium product, being a household name meant providing value across all categories.

We planned, conceived, and created content that pet parents—FURminator’s primary audience—would find valuable. For some, practical information is valuable; for others, humor or beauty is valuable. Expanding our audience meant expanding our marketing to content that would be valuable to all areas of our audience’s lives, from their pets’ coats to their pet hair-free pea coats.

As a result, we saw the fruits of an expanded reach. Pet lovers shared FURminator-branded content across social media platforms and their personal websites more than ever. And the FURminator name was no longer merely associated with professional pet products; rather, when you used FURminator products, you signaled membership in a community of people who value life with pets.

The transition from a beloved, but smaller, brand to a household name took time, but the FURminator name became loved by the wider audience that it deserved, so much so that FURminator was acquired for multiples just one year after our we initiated our strategy.

Strategic insight always drives creative. And good creative always connects with the consumer.
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