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Pserah Darling Accounting + Office Manager, MarketPlace
Pserah Darling MarketPlace, kissing dog while being creative

Pserah Darling

Accounting + Office Manager

When Pserah’s car got a scratch, she put a rainbow sticker over it until she could get it in the shop. That kind of sunshine-behind-the-clouds care is what she gives to all of MarketPlace.

As our Accounting + Office Manager, that can include a lot of different types of care. Computer issues, travel schedules, accounts payable, the supply closet. Maintaining our complex accounting systems. Staying on top of our HVAC system maintenance – sometimes herself. Often her care is behind the scenes, like keeping office snacks plentiful. Sometimes it’s fierce, like vying for us to get what we need to do the best work we can.

Despite a history in collegiate tutoring, leadership in multiple honor societies, and fulfilling both service and management roles, it’s somehow still a wonder Pserah can tend to it all.

She also (deeply) cares for her 4 incredible fur-kids – both cats and dogs, a clear sign of her flexibility. Whether it’s her ceramic works of art, crochet creations, or the blooms from her garden, it’s clear that Pserah brings colorful care to every part of her life.