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Phil Landau


With his extensive background in corporate technology—including client support, network engineering, server administration, and application development—Phil, along with wife Tracy, started MarketPlace over two decades ago with the goal of helping food, beverage, and ingredient companies better manage their information and communication. Since that time, Phil’s role at MarketPlace and in the industry has only grown, as he’s helped build new businesses, products, and technologies, activating them in industry and with consumers.

Phil provides business and technology insights both in steering MarketPlace’s service offering and in consulting on complex client projects, from leading the development of complex sample request systems to integrating CRMs and custom sales tools. More broadly speaking, he provides in-house leadership in business strategy, planning and activation, business infrastructure development, legal and IP, finance, tech, and web-based software development.

Always recognized as the consummate professional, Phil’s hard work and commitment to consulting and collaborating with every one of our partners can be matched only by the warm personality and approachable demeanor he’s known so well for.