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Nicole Hill Staff Photo
Nicole Hill Apple Picking

Nicole Hill

Executive Director, Strategy

You could fill storybooks with Nicole’s successes in both deeply informed strategies and uniquely creative campaigns. Happily-ever-afters beget new beginnings, with new brands and success stories unfolding from referrals or the next product launch.

The chapters would read like a chronicle of possibility. A recurring narration of opportunities discovered, data collected, vision transmuted, and unchartered routes painstakingly mapped.

The international CPG pet brand set in their path only to be shown another way – a different consumer, reevaluated beliefs – that led to the most successful new product launch in their history and redefined how we approach research and insights. Or the B2B partner who needed to evolve to maintain relevance and build value. Possibility was reignited with a structural and strategic plan that brought them to a lucrative buyout.

And as MarketPlace’s Executive Director of Strategy, the tales continue to inspire. As Nicole continues to develop and lead cross-functional teams. As she stands in front of our agency, partners, and industry conferences – sleeves rolled up – ready to find answers to the right questions: What is the real story, who should we actually tell it to, and how?

This impossibly limited summation of her professional biography can only be ended in one way. By showing you a peek into the personal Nicole. The one who, above all else, desires to leave this world better than she arrived. Through her actions and example. Through courageous conversations and an unshakable sense of responsibility for it all. And through the hearts of family, friends, and colleagues she may never know just how profoundly she has touched.

Nicole’s Recent Writings