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Jim Hibsch Staff Photo
Jim Hibsch Photo Shoot

Jim Hibsch

Account Strategy Director

Account Strategy Director Jim Hibsch develops strategies for our partners across industries, and what every one of those partners will tell you about Jim is that he’s as interested in the people as he is the products. Marketing is, after all, about communicating with people, not faceless segments or audiences, and no one takes that to heart more than Jim does.

Primarily focused on B2B markets, Jim has led strategy development for brands like Virginia Dare, Gnosis by Lesaffre, and Merit Functional Foods, guiding them through upfront discovery and ideation and into brand development, culminating in clear communication across all touchpoints: trade shows, websites, advertising, digital media, sales tools, PR, and more.

Jim’s educational background in journalism and strategic communications is valued particularly by our B2B clients, as he contributes his journalistic writing skills to help our partners get the visibility they need, especially those who are new to the industry.

It’s not very professional to talk favoritism, but if we can let our guard down for a moment, we’d like to suggest that Jim is a client favorite. Ask Jim to name his favorites, and he probably won’t say, but we’d bet that it’s related to pastries, flavors, or digestion.