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Elliott Krejci Filming

Elliott Krejci

Video + Photography Director

Elliott has almost two decades of experience designing for print, web, and video. His video production, animation background, and 3d illustration skills anchor MarketPlace’s diverse service offerings, and his combination of business savvy, process-orientation, and creative design means that there’s almost no project at MarketPlace that he doesn’t contribute to in some way.

From his early days directing live shows for large audiences to his time at PBS and now at MarketPlace, Elliott’s work has been recognized with honors, including a Communicator Award of Excellence, a Telly, and several ADDYs. But it’s the gratitude of a wide spectrum of MarketPlace clients—from Bunge to Blue Dog Bakery, Dupont to the St. Louis District Dairy Council—that he finds most fulfilling.

Most recently, Elliott has brought his carpentry skills to MarketPlace, solving problems both small and big, including a massive, swiveling wall as part of a single-take video he modeled and helped us pull off for one of our ingredient partners. Add drone-flying and 3d printing to his ever-growing list of personal interests that he brings to MarketPlace, and it’s pretty clear why Elliott is so valued here—not for his skills, but for his passion for self-improvement, which is inspiring to so many.