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Lydia Mattler

Creative Director

You might not immediately realize how passionate Lydia is. About a lot of things, but especially her career as a designer and Creative Director. You could get a glimpse of it in her BFA. Or even in the way she designs her desk space.

But where that reserved passion really speaks up? In her work – because the results speak volumes.

Tellys, ADDYs, an Emmy. Millions of new website visits, billions of impressions. Lydia’s list of accolades is well-earned and diverse, as is her professional background. More than a decade of beautiful design and brilliant ideas has led her to work with both Fortune 500s and local outfits. From previous clients like AT&T, Naturalizer, and Visit Missouri, to MarketPlace partners in the supplement and pet industries.

Lydia’s passion may not be showy, but it shows up for all. Like the college seniors she mentors through design coursework and career opportunities, helping them paint their futures bright. It shows up for her teammates, her loved ones, and even the wizarding world. That unwavering devotion makes her a perfect fit for both MarketPlace and our partners.