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Danielle Bertothy

Account Manager

If we had to choose one single word to explain Danielle, it would have to be open. An open book. Open-minded. With an open-door approach to life.

As an uncurable wanderer, Danielle thinks it’s being wide open to the world that keeps her coming at things from every angle. Perspective, respect—these are non-negotiables in the way she shows up for MarketPlace partners and colleagues, alike. Which is part of what makes her such a stellar Account Manager.

Over the course of her impressive career, Danielle has embraced the little-bit-of-everything most of her roles have required. Managing timelines and deliverables. Heading entire B2B and B2C programs from trade and digital media to out-of-home and events. Navigating internal and external collabs to keep projects high quality and on time. All of this, to support some of the most established brands in the world. Pizza Hut. KFC. Burger King. Taco Bell. Tasty!

After 26 states and 13 countries, and living in every time zone in the U.S., Danielle wandered into our office with open arms—and two adorable pups (one aptly named Gypsy). We’re so ready for all the adventures to come.