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Allison Klinghammer

Digital Strategist

When you think of someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, a Digital Strategist isn’t likely in the top ten. Then again, Allison isn’t like most.

Case in point, she has an Emmy.

For Allison, it’s about digging into the digital dirt – from obscure movies and classic shows to TikTok trends and the latest Analytics. All to find the platforms, audiences, and keywords that lay the foundation for data-driven, omnichannel strategies for our partners. Then she cracks a few knuckles and gets to building.

This kind of mitts-off approach has taken her from a Media Comms degree to small nonprofits and award-winning production studios; from Build-a-Bear to St. Louis Blues Hockey. Once, she even made an entire city love lawyers.

But the most stand-out thing about her? She builds up everything around her, too. Bridges in her community that improve lives. Trust with her rescue pup, Scully (re: classic shows). Bonds with her teammates. Always reaching out a hand to connect and share. Yep, Allison really is one-of-a-kind.