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Gina Compton

Account Manager

Gina’s way of approaching both her personal and professional life is simple yet profound—and often rare. No matter the situation, she goes into it assuming she doesn’t have all the answers.

We imagine it’s that exact mindset that drives her to learn, allows her to change her mind, and keeps her growing ever wiser. All critical traits to succeed as an Account Manager.

For Gina, not having the answers allows her to embrace possibility; through that, she has achieved remarkable things. From a Master of Journalism in Strategic Communication and emphasis in Account Management, to her accolades working with top-tier brands like Luxco, Amazon Same Day, and AT&T. From the influencer programs she’s launched that netted over 80 million impressions in one year, to the wide range of pools she has left enduring ripples in: digital strategy, software development, and eComm.

And her time at MarketPlace has been no different. As the bridge of possibility between our partners and our Strategic and Creative teams supporting them, Gina has elevated projects, relationships, and brands to exciting new heights.

Where will she take us next? Well, we don’t have the exact answers, either. But we know it is going to be up.